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commander in afghanistan. it's looking in to alleged inappropriate communications between general john allen and jill kelly. if that name sounds familiar it should. she is the tampa woman who told the fbi she received anonymous harassing emails, the emails came from paula broadwell. petraeus resigned as director on friday. the pentagon found tens of thousands of emails and other documents exchanged between allen and kelly. allen was on track to become the supreme allied commander of nay to. the nomination is on hold. allen will remain as the leader of the u.s. troops in afghanistan. there is a hearing set for thursday to possibly replace him. >>> congress returns to washington today after the election recess, the cia scandal isn't all they have to focus on. the pressing issue is figuring out how to keep american from going off the fiscal cliff. if it isn't resolved taxes will increase and a huge federal spending cut across the board. president obama plans to meet with leader as at the white house this week. >>> president obama and vice president joe biden are taking america's economic woes s
may have a famous sister but john charles ferraro is making news on his own. mia ferraro's brother is charged with molesting two boys in his home. this is according to charging documents. victims say the abuse started when they were about 10. police started an investigation back in september when the two boys that are now teens came forward. authorities are look for other victims. >>> your children are used to seeing the principal in the building but today the principal will be on the building the middleboro elementary spending 2 1/2 hours reading from the roof. classes will be able to pick what they want to hear from the series of books and science fiction autobiographys and journals. they have been take part in activities for the national young readers week a culmination of the event. >>> as parents we hope our children are always learning even if they are not in the classroom. >> a senior from northern virginia helped to develop a website by changing the way teachers interact with students. now a group of kids from a maryland high school are turn it into a mobile app. turn it in
inappropriate e- mails between general john allen and socialite jill kelley. she has been speaking to the media. instead, kelley's been calling police to complain about reporters and others piled up outside her home. she's requesting now diplomatic protection. >> we walked in the gate and they walked over as soon as we pulled up and he won't leave. by any chance -- i'm an honoree council general and so i have involability. so they should not be able to cross my property. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well. >> kelley had volunteered with the military, but she's not an employee and the fbi and the cia are expected to brief lawmakers on exactly what they know about the petraeus scandal. that's going to happen later today. >>> the growing scandal is sure to be one of the big topics discussed with president barack obama's meeting with reporters today. it's the first since the resignation of director petraeus. president obama is also expected to get questions about the attack in benghazi that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and also he'll be talking about the f
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3